Image processing computer workstations


Image processing workstation Galibier with installed full version of IMARIS 9.7, ZEN Blue, ZEN Black and open source software FIJI/ImageJ and Cell Profiler.

PC parameters: Intel Xeon Gold 6134 - 8 cores/16 threads 3.2 GHz, 128 GB RAM, SSD disk, GPU Nvidia Quadro P6000 24GB - 3840 CUDA cores.


Software description

IMARIS 10 Single full license

Measurement ProAllows user to extract quantitative parameters out of microscopic data. It allows to precisely measure angles and 3D distances of segmented objects.
Imaris ColocThis module is designed for colocalization analysis, it can quantify spatial overlap between two channels. It provides also set of statistical parameters including Mander’s and Pearson correlation coefficient
Filament TracerThis module offers tools for segmentation of filament-like structures such as neurons, dendrites and microtubules. It provides measuring of specialized statistical parameters for neuroscience such as Number of Dendrite Segments, Dendrite Area, Number of Dendrite Branches, Spine Length, Spine Volume, Number of Spines and Scholl Analysis.
Imaris CellThis module allows to segment cell volume together with nucleus and vesicle volume. The result is a segmented complete-cell structure, which can be further described by statistical parameters such as Nuclear to Cytoplasmatic ratio, Cell volume etc.
Imaris Track LineageThis module performs automated tracking of 3D objects. The subsequent analysis includes motion and shape analysis of moving objects, including dividing cells.
Imaris XTImaris XT enables to integrate additional algorithms for image analysis. It supports MATLAB, Python and Java.
Imaris VantageThis module enables to visualize quantitative parameters as multidimensional scatterplots and perform statistical tests.
ImarisBatchAllows user to process image series in batch. User defines one set of parameters for all of the series and the module then performs image analysis
IMARIS File converterConvert .czi or other file formats into .ims file format.