Stereo & zoom microscopes

Zeiss AxioZoom.V16-Apotome2

Fully motorized fluorescence stereo zoom microscope for large fields AxioZoom.V16 combines a 16x zoom with high numerical aperture objectives. With Plan-NEOFLUAR Z 2.3x you achieve a numerical aperture of NA 0.5 in an object field of 1.5 millimeters. You can select transmitted, reflected mode or fluorescence mode together with structured illumination module Apotome.2 to perform optical sections with high contrast on thick specimens.

Fluorescence stereomicroscope Olympus SZX16

The SZX16 is designed for advanced research and is suitable for oblique, brightfield and fluorescence illumination. Its maximum numerical aperture (NA) of 0.3 produces a resolution of 900 linepairs per millimeter, enabling more sample information to be gained efficiently. The large zoom ratio of 16.4:1, combined with the comprehensive range of parfocal objectives with excellent working distances, allows easy switching between a macro- and micro-view. Imaging of the whole organism down to fine microscopic and individual cell structures becomes an easy task with an optical system that provides a natural, distortion-free view.