User Training

All CELLIM, instruments are in open access mode and can be operated directly by a user after appropriate training. A list of available instruments can be found in the Equipment section or on the website. Training for each instrument is on an individual basis. Training does not cover the theoretical part and we strongly recommend that each user participates in the Microscopy Course organised by CELLIM on the regular basis (see Events). 

CELLIM is providing samples for the initial training and it is not necessary to prepare samples by the user. After the initial training CELLIM will provide assistance with user samples during the acquisition. Depending on the system and user skills, training can take up to 2 - 3 hours. It is strongly recommended to discuss the project with CELLIM staff in advance in order to select the most suitable instrument for the experiment.

After initial training user obtains temporary certification and must use the instrument within one month to get the permanent certification. Otherwise, the certification is lost, and he/she must get new training. If a user did not use an instrument in the last 12 months it is strongly recommended to take the refreshing training. 

Training support request