General rules

CELLIM is a light microscopy facility of CEITEC MU and is open also to all users from academia and
industry. New users should first contact CELLIM staff (; ) to arrange an appointment to discuss the project and identify appropriate
instruments needed. CELLIM staff will organize training and after successful accomplishment user
obtain access to the CELLIM facility and reservation system.

Instrument access and training

Only trained and registered users are allowed to work with facility instruments. Training for all
instruments in the CELLIM facility is mandatory and is charged according to the actual price list. Each user
will be initially trained for a selected instrument by CELLIM staff. After initial training user obtain
temporary certification and must use the instrument within one month to get the permanent certification.
Otherwise, the certification is lost, and he/she must get new training.

Training by other persons than CELLIM staff is not allowed.

Equipment of CELLIM facility is listed here.

Equipment reservation & cancel policy

Booking of all instruments is via online reservation system There is no time
limit to create the reservation. Reservation can be deleted the latest 8 hours before its actual start for
microscopes with Argon laser (LSM780, LSM880). On other systems can be deleted the latest 4 hours
before the start. After this limit, reservation cannot be canceled and the user will be charged for the whole
session. In case of not expected events such a disease etc., CELLIM staff can delete the reservation.
Sessions without reservations are not allowed. Please count time for cleaning the instrument into your
booking time, so that the next user doesn’t have to wait.

Quota for confocal microscopes reservations

A working day is split into standard working hours (9:00-17:00) and outside hours (before 9:00
and after 17:00), see the schematic picture below. During standard working hours, each user can reserve
max. 4 hours slot. During outside hours there are no limitations and hours reserved in this period are
not counted in the quota.

Quota system is valid from Monday to Friday, except national holidays. During week-ends and
holidays there is no quota for reservations.

Example: User needs 6 hours slot on a confocal microscope. So he/she can reserve from 7:00 until
13:00, or from 13:00 until 19:00. You use 4 hours slot during standard working hours and 2 hours
from outside hours.

In cases where the user really needs more than 4 hours during standard working hours, please consult
with CELLIM staff first. This quota system is valid only for confocal microscopes. Other instruments
can be reserved without any restrictions.

User responsibilities

Before start, the user should check if the working space and instrument are clean and in good condition. If not
he/she should contact CELLIM staff and report this. Every user should ensure that the place after work
is clean. This applies especially to immersion objectives. The user has to clean objectives with appropriate
lens cleaning tissues and cleaning solution. If the user finds some part(s) of the instrument not functional
he/she has to report it to CELLIM staff immediately.

Before switching OFF the instrument, the user must check if there is another reservation afterwards. If
another user will come in less then 2 hours, the user can leave the system ON. Argon laser is set to „stand
by“ mode if another user will come during the day. Please consult with CELLIM staff, if you are not
sure. The last user of the day is responsible for switching OFF the instrument.

Monitoring CO 2 level in the microscopy room – A2-1.15

Due to the presence of CO2 vessels in the room, it‘s concentration is constantly measured. If the
concentration of CO2 exceeds the safe level, alarm is activated and starts to beep. Users have to open
window, leave the room and call CELLIM staff.

Computers and data storage

Data acquired locally should be moved immediately after acquisition to the server or other location. For
transfer of data use preferably remote access, via SMB protocol or similar. CELLIM is not responsible
for data storage.
User data on CELLIM computers are removed on a regular basis. It is strictly prohibited
to install any software on CELLIM computers!

Pricing and Czech BioImaging fees reduction

Reservations are charged according to the actual price list every three months. Users can benefit price
reduction after registration into Czech-Bioimaging scheme:


Since our equipment was purchased from public resources and users are not charged with full cost
prices, users must acknowledge the CELLIM facility in their presentations, posters or publications (also
bachelor/master thesis).

We acknowledge the core facility CELLIM of CEITEC supported by the Czech-BioImaging large RI project
(LM2018129 funded by MEYS CR) for their support with obtaining scientific data presented in this

Please send us the publications with CELLIM acknowledgement. Users publishing data obtained using
CELLIM equipment or assistance without CELLIM acknowledgment will be charged for full price.